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Dennis Field Renovation Project

mockup of new concession stand

Our Story

Whether you live in or graduated from Clutier, Dinsdale, Buckingham or Traer, the tradition of educational excellence at North Tama County Community School has always been present and continues today.   As a community, we have spent many enjoyable hours watching our students grow and achieve academically, socially, and athletically.  Many of those hours have been spent at Dennis Field watching or participating in football, track and field, softball or t-ball, Homecoming Pep Rallies or community festival events. 


The time has come to restore and refurbish the public facilities there.  Even though these facilities have been well maintained over the years they are in need of the following upgrades:


  • Restrooms will become ADA compliant with additional stalls, privacy, and heat
  • North Fence, now pieced together after the 2014 tornado, will be replaced
  • Concession stand will be enlarged and upgraded
  • Equipment storage that was lost after the 2014 tornado will be replaced
  • Scoreboard will be replaced with new technology, including a 25 second clock
  • Press Box will become more accessible through upgrades to stairs


Your support is needed to help update the facilities that North Tama student athletes and community members utilize.  Please join our school board, administration, and staff in the Dennis Field Renovation Project.  The North Tama School Board has set aside $100,000 in PPEL/SILO funds and $40,000 in grant money to help fund this project.  We are in need of an additional $110,000 to complete this project!  All donations to this campaign are tax deductible.


North Tama is a viable K-12 school district housing all students on one campus at 605 Walnut Street in Traer.  While we have had to tighten our belts in recent years, we are working to continue the excellent job of meeting day-to-day financial obligations.   Your partnership in this campaign will help us meet the needs of our students and help keep the Redhawk tradition as the powerful role in our community it has been since the grounds were first donated to the children of Traer. 


We believe 2016 will be an exciting year as North Tama hopes to begin construction at Dennis Field on June 1st with a completion date of August 1st, 2016.  The school district needs to make final construction plans by March 1st, 2016, when this online fundraiser will close.  Please send your contribution to Dennis Field Renovation Project, 605 Walnut Street, Traer, IA 50675 or click on the “Donate Now” button and submit your tax-deductible contribution. 


Generosity does not generate a tax-deductible receipt, we will send tax-deductible receipts to donors after the fundraising campaign has ended.


We encourage you to share this cause with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email as well.  Together we can make a difference and continue the Redhawk tradition!


Thank you for your support!


Tom McDermott, Tracey Hulme, Bob Cue, Trisha Kennedy, David and Patty Calderwood

Steering Committee

Campaign endorsed by: Steve Staker, Brent Caslavka, Jared Bauch, Ellen Young, and Brendon Boerm


To make your tax deductible donation online, you can visit our Generosity fundraiser:


Dennis Field Renovation Project at Generosity


Donations can also be mailed to:


Dennis Field Renovation Project

North Tama Schools

605 Walnut St

Traer, IA 50675

Concession Stand Plan
Concession Stand Plan