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Facility Study Welcome

We have exciting news! Starting in early 2021, the school district has embarked on a very special project with a focus on the FUTURE of North Tama.  The district is conducting a comprehensive study of all district buildings and facilities, with the goal of developing a long-term master plan for the district's facilities. This plan is intended to provide a long range vision for North Tama's facilities over the next 10-15 years.  

At the December School Board Meeting, the North Tama Board of Education voted to engage the services of a team of architects and engineers headed by Align Architecture & Planning, PLC from Waterloo, Iowa. The Align Architecture team, in cooperation with partners from Modus Engineering and Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP, in currently in the process of assessing the condition of North Tama’s existing facilities and analyzing current and potential space use. The team is also holding a series of input meetings with various stakeholder groups, including the teaching and support staff, coaching staff, parents, and members of the school community.  

This study will assist the school district in identifying maintenance priorities and in considering the benefits, challenges, and costs of a variety of options which may include repairs, remodeling, and/or new construction. Overall, the goal of the study is to lead the school district through a visioning process to discover and articulate what the North Tama district’s facilities could be like in the future and create a roadmap to achieve that vision.

Public announcement of the facility study in the Friday, March 5 edition of the North Tama Telegraph.
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To read the entire article in the online edition of the NORTH TAMA TELEGRAPH, click the photo above to be directed to the TELEGRAPH website.