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Administrative Staff Directory

Contact Patty Calderwood  Patty Calderwood (319) 478-2265 ex: 201 Athletic Director Secretary
Contact Sandy Dengler  Sandy Dengler (319) 478-2265 ex: 155 Elementary Secretary, Transportation, Lunch
Contact Suzanne Earley  Suzanne Earley (319) 478-2265 ex: 153 Superintendent Secretary
Contact Heidi Elliott  Heidi Elliott Food Services Director
Contact David Hill  David Hill Superintendent
Contact Terrill Karr  Terrill Karr Board Secretary, Business Manager
Contact Trish Kennedy  Trish Kennedy (319) 478-2265 ex: 210 Secondary Secretary
Contact Joel Larsen  Joel Larsen (319) 478-2265 ex: 101 Transportation Director, Bus Mechanic
Contact Missy McKinley  Missy McKinley Custodian
Contact Pat McLean  Pat McLean Custodian
Contact Andrew Meister  Andrew Meister 7-12 Principal, Activities Director
Contact NT Nurse  NT Nurse (319) 478-2265 ex: 157 Dee Benda and Melanie Lacey
Contact Susan Johnson  Susan Johnson Elementary Principal