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Elementary Faculty and Staff

Contact Christy Crees  Christy Crees Elementary Interventionist
Contact Julie Cufr  Julie Cufr Elementary Library Associate
Contact Jene' Daub  Jene' Daub Elementary Math
Contact Sandy Dengler  Sandy Dengler (319) 478-2265 ex: 155 Elementary Secretary, Lunch
Contact Heidi Elliott  Heidi Elliott Food Services Director
Contact Brice Girkin  Brice Girkin Elementary PE, Coach
Contact Channing Halstead  Channing Halstead Band, Swing Show, Coach, Band Council, Music Parents
Contact Tammy Herink  Tammy Herink JH Associate
Contact Dalton Hulme  Dalton Hulme 5th Grade, Coach
Contact Brenda Jensen  Brenda Jensen K-12 Media, K-12 TAG, AP English
Contact Susan Johnson  Susan Johnson (319) 478-2265 ex: 154 Elementary Principal
Contact Brenda Kaufmann  Brenda Kaufmann 2nd Grade
Contact Rachael Kopriva  Rachael Kopriva 5th Grade
Contact Melanie Lacey  Melanie Lacey (319) 478-2265 ex: 157 School Nurse
Contact Amy Lidgett  Amy Lidgett Title I Reading
Contact Jill Miller  Jill Miller PK Teacher
Contact Danica Minard  Danica Minard K-12 Art, Art Club
Contact Jana Monat  Jana Monat 4th Grade
Contact Teresa O'Meara  Teresa O'Meara PK-6 School Counselor
Contact Brenda OMalley  Brenda OMalley District Staff
Contact Makenzie Pahnisch  Makenzie Pahnisch 2nd Grade
Contact Hannah Roeding  Hannah Roeding 3rd Grade
Contact Tina Schlichting  Tina Schlichting Elementary Special Education
Contact Jessica Schults  Jessica Schults Elementary Special Education
Contact Marla Seda  Marla Seda Elementary Special Education
Contact Leigh Sell  Leigh Sell 1st Grade
Contact Terry Shay  Terry Shay K-12 Vocal Music, Swing Show, Vocal Council, Music Parents
Contact Anne Turner  Anne Turner Kindergarten
Contact Amy Vazquez  Amy Vazquez (319) 478-2265 ex: 155 Elementary Secretary, Lunch
Contact Kirsten Waline  Kirsten Waline 3rd grade
Contact Bailey Wand  Bailey Wand Elementary Special Education
Contact Sammy Watson  Sammy Watson District Staff
Contact Vonna Watson  Vonna Watson Kindergarten
Contact Laura Weber  Laura Weber Self-Contained Kindergarten
Contact Jody Williams  Jody Williams 6th Grade
Contact Cindy Zimple  Cindy Zimple Office Associate