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Secondary Faculty and Staff

Contact Judy Boerm  Judy Boerm Student Success Coach
Contact Patty Calderwood  Patty Calderwood (319) 478-2265 ex: 201 Athletic Director Secretary
Contact Matt Cibula  Matt Cibula HS Agriculture, FFA Sponsor
Contact John Daub  John Daub HS Business
Contact Suzanne Earley  Suzanne Earley (319) 478-2265 ex: 153 Superintendent Secretary
Contact Heidi Elliott  Heidi Elliott Food Services Director
Contact Sandi Fribley  Sandi Fribley HS FCS, FCCLA
Contact Julie Giblin  Julie Giblin HS Special Education
Contact Brice Girkin  Brice Girkin Elementary PE, Coach
Contact Channing Halstead  Channing Halstead Band, Swing Show, Coach, Band Council, Music Parents
Contact Hollie Hampton  Hollie Hampton HS Language Arts
Contact Brenda Hoeg  Brenda Hoeg HS Associate
Contact Katey Holbach  Katey Holbach Instructional Support Coach, HS Cross Country,
Contact Brenda Jensen  Brenda Jensen K-12 Media, K-12 TAG, AP English
Contact Trish Kennedy  Trish Kennedy (319) 478-2265 ex: 210 Secondary Secretary
Contact Karisa Kladivo  Karisa Kladivo HS and JH Mathematics, Coach
Contact Trevor Larson  Trevor Larson HS PE, JH/HS Health
Contact Levi LaRue  Levi LaRue Technology Integrationist, HS Language Arts, Speech, Student Council
Contact Lindsay Linck  Lindsay Linck Secondary Counselor
Contact Colin Lobdell  Colin Lobdell HS Special Education, JH Girls Basketball
Contact Jean Matzen  Jean Matzen JH Science and Social Studies
Contact Missy McKinley  Missy McKinley Custodian
Contact Brittany Mease  Brittany Mease JH Language Arts and Publications
Contact Andrew Meister  Andrew Meister 7-12 Principal, Activities Director
Contact Danica Minard  Danica Minard K-12 Art, Art Club
Contact NT Nurse  NT Nurse (319) 478-2265 ex: 157 Dee Benda and Melanie Lacey
Contact Tyson Roberts  Tyson Roberts HS and JH Social Studies
Contact Mike Runge  Mike Runge HS and JH Math
Contact Rick Samuelson  Rick Samuelson Industrial Technology, JH Physical Education
Contact Terry Shay  Terry Shay K-12 Vocal Music, Swing Show, Vocal Council, Music Parents
Contact Mike Skopec  Mike Skopec HS Science
Contact Alex Tagtow  Alex Tagtow HS Science, Head Boys Basketball
Contact Matt Walston  Matt Walston HS Social Studies
Contact Landon Wood  Landon Wood Spanish, Spanish Club
Contact Taylor Wurth  Taylor Wurth Teacher, Coach